Designer versus Medium at Ignite Annapolis

So, Ignite came to Annapolis, one of my favorite cities in the county and state that I live in: Maryland. I submitted a proposal to rant and rave about design. Not because I’m an expert, in fact, I’m far from it. I’m primarily a developer, but I’m excited about design!

I truly love it, and especially in the web, I’ve run into tons of frustrations with designers who completely forget the purpose of design. It’s problem solving.

There was a great turn out at this event, a wonderful venue and some truly awesome speakers. I hope you check some of the others out, too. Thanks to Jenn Troy and Kris Velario for putting Ignite Annapolis together. Another thanks to Dave Troy for being a catalyst for so much Baltimore-area tech and web activity.

Check me out and up my view count if you dare:

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  1. Mitch says…

    dude well done.

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December 12, 2009

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