New WPLookup Features – Set WPLookup as a browser search engine

A few quick updates to WPLookup’s functionality:

  • WPLookup now accepts the function parameter in a get or post request, allowing some fun browser plugins and the ability to direct link to queries if you so desire.
  • Instead of a notice and link to the function reference when documentation is not found, WPLookup will send you to the documentation search results for your query. This makes WPLookup both get you to documentation and search the Codex itself. Note: WPLookup will exchange spaces for your underscores in this scenario to create real search terms.

Thanks to @aaronwaggs for the idea to create a custom search engine for WPLookup.

Here’s how you can add WPLookup to your web browser’s search toolbar.

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February 17, 2009

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