OS X Keychain Help: Fixing Adium and other apps that won’t store my password.

I have been incredibly frustrated the past 6 months that Adium would not store my account passwords. I assumed it was some weird permissions issue or something to do with a corrupt install, so I removed the app, re-downloaded, re-installed: same issues.

This was only a minor inconvenience when I used my Mac sparingly, but now that I’m using it more regularly, I had to solve this. When noticing that other applications were not storing passwords (or certificates, etc.), I figured I had keychain issues.

Some Googling led me to Matt’s site and this post.

The Solution:

  1. Launch the Keychain Access utility (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access.app)
  2. Choose Keychain First Aid (CTRL+OPT+A)
  3. Enter your password, choose Repair

This should do the trick. I hope this helps others with similar issues.

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February 21, 2009

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