WPLookup Buzz – Enhancement Requests?

So buzz is spreading in the WordPress/blogging community about WPLookup. Stay tuned, as I’m thinking some nice additions will be on the way.

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  1. Darran says…

    How about an AJAX auto suggest as you are typing the function?

  2. WPLookup Works for Me | LimeTouch says…

    […] Stratton has opened up enhancement suggestions for WPLookup, so be sure to let him know what would you like to see […]

  3. Andy says…

    @Darran thanks for the comment, and post.

    One on of the feature enhancements I’m working on is integrating the search into an install of the WordPress PHPXREF for those developers that want a deeper inspection of the functions being searched for.

    I’ll look into the autocomplete, but since WPLookup isn’t running off of a database, it might be difficult unless I compile a list of WP functions; and better yet, functions and Codex URLs, as it would really be great to know what is going to return a documentation page versus just return a search results page.

    Stay tuned!

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March 7, 2009

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