WPLookup version 2.0 Launched!

Today, I launched the next version of WPLookup a WordPress documentation search engine.

Aisde from a new visual design, this version features:

  • Search results including:
    1. The Codex reference page for function/template tag if it exists
    2. The Codex documentation search for the query entered
    3. The PHPXref page at phpxref.yoast.com
    4. The phpDoc page hosted at http://phpdoc.wordpress.org
    5. The custom Google search for WordPress developers
  • List of additional developer resources for quick access
  • Safari/Chrome Bookmarklets included on Add to Browser page
  • Legacy browser tool bar support

I hope you all find it even more useful and it helps speed up your coding. Take it easy!


  1. Rob says…

    Looks great man! I also appreciate the input field focus on load.

  2. Andy says…

    Thanks, Rob!

  3. sean steezy says…

    Hey Andy. Great job on the WP Lookup site. I have one awesome suggestion for improving the usability… I think WP Lookup would be way more badass if it pulled in the search results actual text. Like I lookup “wp_list_bookmarks” and boom, it tells me what I want to know.

  4. andy says…

    @sean thanks! I definitely think there’s room for improvements, too, and having trying to find some additional time to crank them out.

    I’ve been thinking auto-complete for functions, and possibly displaying the Codex information, but at the same time I feel a little unethical screen scraping Automattic’s content without permission.

    The original version of WPLookup would redirect you to the Codex documentation if it existed, but more hardcore developers wanted phpDoc and PHPXRef content as well.

    Perhaps I can meet everyone half way, and offer the option to redirect to the Codex if there’s a matching result, based on a flag in a cookie.

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April 7, 2009

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