Adobe PDF Printer Broke in Snow Leopard

I spent more than 4 hours dealing with this, uninstalling, reinstalling and continually getting the following error when Printing to an Adobe PDF 9.0 on OS X (10.6) Snow Leopard:

Error: /usr/libexec/cups/pstops failed

Or some other random error in the print monitor for the Adobe PDF 9.0 printer. Turns out, in the 9.x updates for Snow Leopard, Adobe removed the printer functionality and moved the option to the OS X PDF button drop-down in the print dialog. See screenshot.


  1. File > Print
  2. Click the PDF button on the bottom left of the print dialog
  3. Choose Save as Adobe PDF
  4. Follow the prompts

This worked fine. I hope this post gets some rankings and helps someone save their time dealing with this crap-o-la.


  1. denise says…

    Very, Very useful. I work with the CS3 family on Snow Leopard and I couldn’t use save a pdf since I install the new operative system! Thank you!

  2. LOKI says…

    Damn! thanks – this has driven me nuts

  3. yesi79 says…

    There is just one drawback to this approach; it appears you cannot use the “Scale to fit paper size” option when printing. Makes me wonder if other print options are ignored.

  4. Kelly says…

    Thank you!! I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong..

  5. andy says…

    No problem, glad it helped you!

  6. tom says…

    this seems to work fine in applications other than adobe….i use to print pdf’s out of photoshop and now with cs5 and acrobat 9…even with the updates…..the pdf button does not show up on the print dialog box……any ideas?

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April 7, 2010

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