Postfix/sendmail broken on OS X since installing FiOS

So, I’ve had issues before with my jury rigged Macports-powered MAMP setup. The biggest time suck has been postfix/sendmail issues, like I experience for 2–3 hours today.

The Problem(s)

  • Sending mail from PHP’s mail() function and SwiftMailer both seemed to be sending things correctly (returning true and such)
  • No emails were being received by any of my email addresses
  • postfix was running
  • I kept getting an operation has timed out in the error log when trying to connect to SMTP servers (try: tail -f /var/log/mail.log to see it real time)
  • I couldn’t even telnet ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM 25

What the EFF, right?

Then I start thinking. I can’t get out on port 25, maybe it’s the router. After resetting the password and all settings (I’m a moron, I forgot the user/pass I setup), and re-configuring everything (I use a custom subnet at home to let me VPN special places), I found no option for this in the FiOS Actiontec router admin software.

FiOS is Blocking Port 25

Yep. That had to be it. I called their support line and confirmed it. My residential account had port 25 blocked and according to a few message boards, business accounts with dedicated IP’s were being blocked as well.

How’d I get around it? I found this article on relaying mail through Google SMTP with postfix on Snow Leopard and it saved my life.

I don’t have a lot of time to describe everything, but just follow life-saving article

Thanks, Jules. You literally saved me hundreds to even thousands of dollars in time/energy.

Now everyone, say thanks to Jules…

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  1. Ryan says…

    Verizon changed their outbound SMTP port from the default 25 to 587 a few months ago I believe. I host my own email from a server in my house and, after authenticating myself as a verizon customer of course, I can send email using my own box as the SMTP.

    I used to do it when I had comcast and feared fios would be the same way, but everything’s fine so far.

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June 23, 2010

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