Sizeable Spaces – Baltimore Coworking

We did it. As of July 4, 2011, our space for coworking in Baltimore has launched.

I give you Sizeable Spaces, an 1800 square foot dedicated coworking facility in the Federal Hill district of Baltimore, MD. The space includes:

  • 24/7 keyless entry
  • Conference room with presentation capabilities
  • 50/10Mbps business class Internet connection (wired and wifi)
  • Microwave, coffee machine, water cooler and refrigerator
  • 11 dedicated desks for working and a vacant private office for additional space or private phone calls
  • Free residential parking
  • Color laser printer (networked)
  • Two outside decks…and as much more as we can add…

Check us out when you have a chance, take a tour, or even come work a free day and see how you like it. We’re having an open house on Tuesday, July 26th if you’re interested in checking it out, having some food/drinks and meeting other people like us.

I’m extremely excited to see how the community in our space grows, it’s organically grown from 4-7 members in a week. The power of community and doing.

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  1. zane matthew says…

    My friend Pete told me about Sizeable Spaces, looks exciting and looking forward to getting some time to use the space.

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July 14, 2011

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