WAMP/Apache Broken From “Microsoft HTTP/API 2.0” Using Port 80

My coworker, Dora, was attempting to get WAMP to run a locally hosted development environment on her Windows 7 computer. She could not get Apache to start and was getting a 404 error when visiting localhost in her browser.

By using the WAMP command (WAMP Menu > Apache > Services > Test Port 80), I saw that “Microsoft HTTP/API 2.0” was using port 80.

Turning off Microsoft HTTP/API 2.0

After some fruitless Google searches, I found a stray post noting that this could be the Web Deployment Service Agent. As a former Windows user, of many years now, I can’t even comment (or care) what this service is for, all I can do is tell you how I disabled it:

  1. Open your Control Panel (Start > Control Panel)
  2. Change the view setting from Category to Small or Large Icons
  3. Open Administrative Tools
  4. Open Services
  5. Find “Web Deployment Service Agent” in the list
  6. Right click and choose Properties
  7. Click Stop
  8. Change it’s Start Up value to “Manual”
  9. Hit Apply/OK to save the changes
  10. Go to WAMP and restart all services

This should do it.

What if I don’t want to turn off the Web Deployment Service Agent

A quicker solution that should keep this service running would be to configure WAMP to run under another port other than 80, such as 8080. You will have to append :8080 to your localhost hostname, but it should work.

I haven’t tested it and can’t offer support for Windows users. Just wanted to post my solution in the hopes that it helps other lost souls!


  1. wampuser says…

    Thanks! It Works! 🙂

  2. James Beswick says…

    Thanks for posting this – I spent ages trying to figure out the same problem! Apparently, Visual Basic .NET installs the Web Deployment Agent.

  3. Getting WAMP | Tom's Blog says…

    […] The installation isn’t as straightforward as I expected, so I thought I should keep a record of the steps I took. WampServer is one of the many HTTP server packages available through SourceForge. After downloading and installing the package on my Windows 8 (64 bit) notebook, I ran into the problem of not being able to start Apache server. Fortunately, Andy Stratton had the following explanation and solution: […]

  4. Omar says…

    Thank you so much, It works!

  5. Steve says…

    Many thanks. Fixed my problem; I can now use WAMP again.

  6. Sarah says…

    I have a unique problem, Apache doesn’t seem to be using port 80 when I test for Port 80 in WAMP. I still can’t get it to start/resume service. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. andy says…

    Something must be using port 80 or you have something running on your machine not allowing you to bind to it. It’s out of the scope of my knowledge, especially with Windows… I’m sorry!

  8. Diego says…


    When I tested the port 80 I can see the Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0

    But there is not a service named Web Deployment Service Agent.

    What can I do?

    This is a Windows 7 Enterprise Running on a Oracle Virtual Machine over a MAC OS as host.

  9. Rahul Murari says…

    wow…….thank u soooo much.

  10. Deep says…

    Thank you very much. This is such a very helpful post. Surely a lot of PHP developers out there that had been benefited by this very helpful post. Keep it up!

  11. Wellington Americano says…

    Muito obrigado!!! Thanks very much!!!

  12. Marco says…

    thanks!!! for those using a version in spanish web deployment service agent can be found as “servicio agente de la implementacion de web”

  13. mbakacd says…

    I have gone through a lot of Google searches… but to no avail.. i can not find Web Deployment Service Agent in my services.. so what can i do. using windows 7

  14. Andy says…

    @mbakacd I’m not 100% sure; this was written after helping a friend on their Windows machine… I don’t have a copy of Windows right now and I can’t recall how I found the service.

  15. ramiz says…

    thxxxxxxx for ur help.

  16. Italo says…


    I solved this problem when I’ve stoped the “SQL Server Reporting Services”.

    I hope to help somebody as well.

    Thansk from brazil!

  17. Rick Saffery says…

    Thank You! Your steps solved my WAMPSERVER on Win8 boggle too =)

  18. Varun says…

    Do either or all of these:
    1. stop MS SQL Reporting services , and set it to manually
    2. make sure Skype or any other printing or network application like firewalls etc are not configured to use port 80
    3. disable IIS

    No need to restart the PC after any of these, those will automatically stop a service using the port 80 and vacant it for Apache

  19. Tim says…

    Thanks, this helped me too, found this solution in 1 min on google:)

    It worked on Win8 Home Prem, so it has to work on Win7 too.

  20. sureshranju says…

    Go to control panel -> administrative tools -> services ->SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) then you just stop the SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) service then restart the wamp server then it automatically orange icon turns to green for more info just it out http://www.coderetina.com/port-80-used-by-microsoft-httpapi2-0-wamp-apache-error-fixed/ thanks

  21. Omar says…

    actually it helped me thanks
    note : it’s (Web Deployment Agent service) not (Web Deployment Service Agent)

  22. ercan says…

    Thank you very much.

  23. Rob says…

    I turned off SQL Server Reporting Services as well, which resolved my issues.

  24. ouleur says…

    thank you, I have Stop SQL Server Reporting , I restart WAMP and WAMP run

  25. mrez.ir says…

    Thank you for this post but I could not find “Web Deployment Service Agent” in my secvices list so I found some more info here:


    which helped me to use and open port 80 again.

    here is some details:
    Known Windows Services That Listen on Port 80

    From Services Manager (run: services.msc), stop and disable these native Windows Services which are known to bind to port 80.

    Double click Service, and change ‘Startup Type’ to ‘Disabled’.

    SQL Server Reporting Services (ReportServer) >>> this solved my problem
    Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc)
    BranchCache (PeerDistSvc)
    Sync Share Service (SyncShareSvc)
    World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)
    Internet Information Server (WAS, IISADMIN)

    You might, or might not, have some of these Services installed and running.

  26. Ty says…

    Thanks! This made the difference…You are the man!

  27. sadi says…


    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu so much
    it works just stop ” MS SQL Reporting services”

  28. Muhammad asif javed says…

    it’s working good,thanks man.

  29. Bobby Hall says…

    your a star – thanks

  30. Romanch says…

    For all those people who can not find Web Deployment agent service. Please stop SQL reporting services from Administrative Tools > Services.

  31. JohnnyC says…

    Thanks! I searched for a solution to how to disable Web Deployment Service Agent, so I can used Apache locally, and your instructions worked! Much appreciated!

  32. skyhate says…

    Thanks you very much!!

  33. moon says…

    Thank you Italo from brazil!!!!It works for me……… :*
    moonlight from Iran

  34. fg says…

    Awesome, works perfectly. Thanks.

  35. Biba says…

    Thanksss it works!!! 🙂

  36. Fady fransis says…

    Thank you very very mush you are wonderful =D =D

  37. Raj says…

    Works. Thanks.

  38. MarktheDataAnalyst says…

    Italo’s recommendation to “stop SQL Server Reporting Services” worked for me.

  39. Parmjit says…


  40. Sylvain says…

    A much more simple fast way to do it, work for me.

    1- go to execute command
    2- type: net stop http
    3- restart server

  41. anonymas says…

    cool… this works superb

  42. edbads says…

    thank you so so much….been battling with this for days now

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