WordPress 3.4.2 Update Custom Fields Broken, Button Disappears

I realized recently in release of WordPress last week that custom fields AJAX editing when creating/editing posts had broken. The Update button disappears and nothing saves.

The bug has been reported but in the mean time, since you should always be on the latest WordPress release, how do we work around it?

Updating Custom Fields in WordPress 3.4.2

Edit your fields as you normally would, and simply hit the Update button in the publish pane. The fields will update. This has been my workaround with any clients needing to directly access post custom fields.

Hope this helps you.


  1. Jon says…

    There’s a HotFix for this bug available – I’ve tried it and it fixes the issue!


  2. heliogabal says…

    Thank god, hotfix actually worked!

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September 11, 2012

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