Front-end + PHP Portfolio: iBakeSale

iBakeSale iBakeSale iBakeSale

iBakeSale turns its website into an online fundraiser!

The guys at iBakeSale had a great visual design and a team of awesome Java developers building their web application. They needed a front-end rockstar to glue these two sides together: they called me.

I took their designers Photoshop documents and built them into standards compliant XHTML and CSS, as well as HTML formatted emails. I then worked with their team of Java developers to integrate these designs into the application using XML and XSL and performed local testing to verify the designs would appear properly in both web browsers and multiple email clients.

It was definitely a challenging and rewarding project, for all involved – especially the non-profits and charities that benefited from the site!

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  • CSS
  • HTML Emails
  • XSL
  • Javascript

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